2022 Part 1 Covid

The following chart should show Covid in recurring, but declining waves. We are – internationally – in decline, but another, smaller wave is most probably likely – if nothing worse happens. “Small wave” internationally probably means giant waves in a few locales. By the time of the midterms, one million Americans will have died from Covid! Imagine saying to a firefighter person that has just put out a fire in your house “That’s Ok, I didn’t need you, it would eventually have gone out all by itself.

The sheer amount of intellectual discord in a supposedly modern nation is a sure sign education systems are lacking. Now Republican states unashamedly adopt Nazi regimes in book burning banning. But continued Covid care is costing some states dearly. Will “Covid MONEY” come into the political discussion. (We keep saying “discussion”, when you see/hear the lunacy of Fox-type outlets confusing so many people, just for the Murdochs & others to gain money, political power over actual corpses, maybe its time to communicate a bit more frankly, call a spade a spade, a nazi a nazi. America is facing external threats & part of the strategy of these adversaries is supporting tacitly, financially exactly these movements e.g. Qanon, in the domestic American population to stir dividedness, disseminate hyped or total false information to scare & make people uncertain. Call everything into question! Probably find that in Trotsky’s notes somewhere….

Solid political stance relevant to Covid seems difficult to cultivate from this current fixed divide. I privately wonder if the main news outlets will look at Covid deaths in the runup to election and analyse if it made any difference in the results. Simply how many Republicans, Democrats, etc. died & was it large enough a number to influence an election. Want to tread carefully here, but… you reap what you sow!