Ukraine War (1)

Well the tanks are rolling – and it feels good! The follow-up scenario will mimic the tank saga, but will be for F16s and different countries in the roles. Now the US instead of Germany; as the mass producer of F16s; will face a host of assorted countries, NATO & otherwise who will be willing to give their planes to Ukraine. Again to build a coalition, the US will though more willinglingly take part.

Abrams tanks should build additional Ukainian jet fuel infrastructure which will come in handy when F16s arrive.

But before we get lulled into this feel-good moment because we know that the West will supply whatever it takes to win this war, let us reflect if there is something missing in the bigger picture. To wit: Putin knows the war is getting difficult. Escalating to nukes doesn’t bring anything except total calamity. But a million Americans died of Covid. Why not Putin get a batch of better stuff from the Chinese & send people out to spread it in the USA. The mass Russian propaganda apparatus can spread even more disinformation & weird conspiracy theories.

If Putin is capable of sending people out to poison different people all over the world, why not a step further & poison enough that it causes social upheaval. Such would be truly Asymetrical warfare!