2022 or NEVER !!! Fed Addendum

In succinct, but brutal words: the 1% now owns everything.. literally! And the FED for 40 years has been the official enabler. Most people think of the word rent, in terms of the pad, house, apt… domicile facet. In financial terms it encompasses all income from ownership of rented assets (ie. everything). That’s why billionaires have become so media aware. In times past, wealthy people simply stayed to themselves. They make good press now, even tout their do-good causes, but the real dirty work is done by other funds, institutes… extraneous organizations. Blackrock now is bringing homelessness to Europe, the way they have mastered it in the stateside. There’s even a fixed coefficient in their formulas, though it differs region to region. This matrix coefficient, empirically based, relates homelessness, media coverage thereof, rent optimization, base prices.

For 40 years, the FED has steadily & relentlessly widened inequality to the point of national concern. Probably brushed off as circumstantial, or however you say collateral damage financially, in their hallowed halls, it is starting to enter the national discussion. We are convinced the pending attention paid to next federal budget authorization; budding finance hysteria; even all other news, will eventually devolve toward the current status of gigantic financial misalignments. Will people quietly accept their serf status in a medieval world?

Let’s get real for a minute: if enough of the querdenkers vote into local state office enough of loonies like Marjorie Green in any 1 state, even a single state with a Republican Governor, expect that state to secede! We discuss this later, here just want to make the point that this social calamity is something in the making of years and years by the FED – totally open.

In political terms, Pres. Biden re-appointing latest Greenspan-Resurrect is a sign of weakness, a prayer to the status quo. Any big change coming from this FED, instead of a new face, would only be seen as panic, not decisiveness. That is sad, their effectiveness has been neutered by their past lethargy. Of course, there are academic scenarios where just a few points move by the FED would bring down the whole house of …. debt. “No good choices” as described in John Mauldin articles.


Today RUSSIA, under Putin the CZAR, has INVADED the closest non-Soviet, democratic and next-door neighbor country Ukraine!!

The FED, regardless of any opprobrium deserved, now has no choices! Some jawboning may even pick up, but supply chains are going to be massively adjusted. Rates will have to remain low! Money will need to keep flowing! We’re on pump – all of us: EU, US, ASIA, … but now this war is going to quickly spill over to commerce. Militarily nukes are out (hopefully!!!), but in the economic theatre, total warfare is called for, actually be unavaidable. If for no other reason is that they have already started, in bad faith, long ago. The constant cyber-attacks coming from Russia against any & all targets: corporations, water works, electric networks has clearly shown their active hostility.

Dictatorships, left or right style doesn’t matter, all of them cannot stand comparisons. You have to block out (eg. North Korea) or destroy anyplace that shows a richer, happier population. Yeah, that sounds “korny”, but this war is going to test many loyalties, even convictions about democracy.

Can you believe that an insane (& dumb!=) ex_President and a major network feeds (FOX NEWS et al) are cheering Putin on??? How effective has Russian propaganda been in America?

Europe needs to get off Russian gas! Gas is going up as we speak. How cold are Europeans willing to live to help establish a new eco-political order? If not, Czar Putin will put stronger touch on Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania even though they are in NATO. That is going to cost everybody massively but the balance sheets are not as healthy as when Pres. Reagan outspent & ultimately led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The only way to topple Czar Putin is by his own people, at least a couple of the rich, powerful who wanted to travel the world. If Russia is nothing but a giant gangster gas station, it’s time to turn off the tap. That will cost & the FED must pray that the status quo holds for awhile longer.