2022 or NEVER!! Part 3: Democrats

It’s all important to emphasize that it is Democrats & democrats[i] together in this fight. The word “party” as in Democratic Party should be strictly avoided as: 1. It brings up negative images of the party machine as in times past w/corrupt party machines; Clinton Foundation financing… 2. It detracts from the image that this is a popular uprising against tyranny by a wide swath of the populace, regardless of otherwise political affiliations.

To give you a sense of the urgency; the importance of the midterm campaign, allow us some remarks about the 2024 presidential campaign. Pres. Joe won in ’20 & we are forever grateful! But now he is considered weak, even though many circumstances he has no control over & others are simply being sabotaged by Republicans.  Rivalry has always been intrinsic to political powers, but to base a whole platform, the purpose & zeal of an entire Republican party to harm, block the opponent EVEN WHEN IT HURTS the COUNTRY, EVEN WHEN IT HURTS the PEOPLE seems ludicrous, yet goes unnoticed by many. Instead Pres. Joe has to see low scores on evaluation surveys. Nevertheless we feel an overwhelming sense in the American populace that this war, and as tragic the war crimes in Ukraine are, we mean the global war; the global problems of inflation, food short supplies and that we need to vote some rational people in office to tackle them.

Ok, what to do about it all? Answer: make a “run-around” play; make the 2024 Democratic Presidential Nomination Convention the “biggest show on Earth” & simultaneously blind-side the Republican hate machine!

Ok, how do you do that? Answer: Let Pres. Joe announce that he will not run for re-election & he will support any of the candidates coming out of this convention. And by convention we mean a real national convention with all the pageantry of presidential national convention, it needs to be now – BEFORE the mid-terms!!! That deflates all the hype about usual mid-term swings. Look, Joe’s old, people are scared (more on that later), Republicans via FOX et al  propaganda have invested all their hate directly on him personally. Such a convention negates the massive negative efforts to smear Pres. Joe; Republicans will have to start with new crazy stories. Presidential candidates could get an early name awareness.

This convention has to stress 1 single all-important topic: the fight against tyranny! It’s already about 2024!! The battle for democracy is present, it is now! That should actually be pretty simple, pretty obvious, but it needs to be elevated as the all-important conspicuous public debate. (For some of us here it is, obviously, but we are talking national strategy here.) That in turn, means a lot less of the 2020 Presidential Campaign type blah-blah of single candidates fighting each other about how to finance this or that; what they wore or said at the high school prom 30 years previously. This needs to be an almost orchestrated cascade of candidates expounding how they each can better win over Putin, over China (WW3, the economic version, will be in full swing by then), preserve here & restore democracy elsewhere in the world. That happens to be also the wy to solve the problems of fuell costs, food costs. The convention needs to be the equivalent of years of name-recognition building for a kick-ass, dynamic person. Pres. Joe was the right person – balanced, calm, professional – to collect all those anti-Trump votes in ‘20. Now we are at war! The public image Democrats need for the 2024 campaign is NOT someone going into their 80’s!! Simply someone who talks, but also looks like they can kick some ass, as oversimplified as that sounds. Pres. Joe has spent a lifetime to become el Presidento, let him enjoy it, take a winning record 1 for 1, with him & become another exPresident, even a very influential one.

But back to the midterms: Yes, a few loonies like the current Karen sisters in Congress may get through and continue to be a side show, maybe even some of the Putin enablers in the Senate, but overall people will recognize they need rational people in charge of government. These are trying times and not place for people with their heads swimming around in fantasies or actively working against the interests of America. There we think will come the golden moment when Democrats actually build on their numbers, allowing Pres. Joe a strong hand in the last 2 years, maybe even a few SCOTUS appointments.

May 1 (2022) is coming & war crime despot Putin has dug himself in a hole. We would not be surprised to see a tactical nuke dropped on Kiev. A truly spectacular finale for the big Moscow May Day parade. We could go on, but the point is that this war is going to continue otherwise. Stress levels are high. People will tend to be more cautious & sober. Republican crimes , lunacies, absurdities get most of the press these days, but let us not forget the actual gigantic 2020 voting numbers. The MAGA types are slowly waking, their delirium weakening & the millions upon millions more who voted for Pres. Joe are exactly those who recognize the severity of our current state of affairs.

We predict a massive voter turnout, with even better margins; overwhelming numbers for Democrats as was the case in the 2020 presidential vote.

[i] Just in case…. Big “D” -> formal name, capitalized (Democratic Party members), little “d” is just any person who believes in democracy.

2022 Part 1 Covid

The following chart should show Covid in recurring, but declining waves. We are – internationally – in decline, but another, smaller wave is most probably likely – if nothing worse happens. “Small wave” internationally probably means giant waves in a few locales. By the time of the midterms, one million Americans will have died from Covid! Imagine saying to a firefighter person that has just put out a fire in your house “That’s Ok, I didn’t need you, it would eventually have gone out all by itself.

The sheer amount of intellectual discord in a supposedly modern nation is a sure sign education systems are lacking. Now Republican states unashamedly adopt Nazi regimes in book burning banning. But continued Covid care is costing some states dearly. Will “Covid MONEY” come into the political discussion. (We keep saying “discussion”, when you see/hear the lunacy of Fox-type outlets confusing so many people, just for the Murdochs & others to gain money, political power over actual corpses, maybe its time to communicate a bit more frankly, call a spade a spade, a nazi a nazi. America is facing external threats & part of the strategy of these adversaries is supporting tacitly, financially exactly these movements e.g. Qanon, in the domestic American population to stir dividedness, disseminate hyped or total false information to scare & make people uncertain. Call everything into question! Probably find that in Trotsky’s notes somewhere….

Solid political stance relevant to Covid seems difficult to cultivate from this current fixed divide. I privately wonder if the main news outlets will look at Covid deaths in the runup to election and analyse if it made any difference in the results. Simply how many Republicans, Democrats, etc. died & was it large enough a number to influence an election. Want to tread carefully here, but… you reap what you sow!

2022 or NEVER !!! Fed Addendum

In succinct, but brutal words: the 1% now owns everything.. literally! And the FED for 40 years has been the official enabler. Most people think of the word rent, in terms of the pad, house, apt… domicile facet. In financial terms it encompasses all income from ownership of rented assets (ie. everything). That’s why billionaires have become so media aware. In times past, wealthy people simply stayed to themselves. They make good press now, even tout their do-good causes, but the real dirty work is done by other funds, institutes… extraneous organizations. Blackrock now is bringing homelessness to Europe, the way they have mastered it in the stateside. There’s even a fixed coefficient in their formulas, though it differs region to region. This matrix coefficient, empirically based, relates homelessness, media coverage thereof, rent optimization, base prices.

For 40 years, the FED has steadily & relentlessly widened inequality to the point of national concern. Probably brushed off as circumstantial, or however you say collateral damage financially, in their hallowed halls, it is starting to enter the national discussion. We are convinced the pending attention paid to next federal budget authorization; budding finance hysteria; even all other news, will eventually devolve toward the current status of gigantic financial misalignments. Will people quietly accept their serf status in a medieval world?

Let’s get real for a minute: if enough of the querdenkers vote into local state office enough of loonies like Marjorie Green in any 1 state, even a single state with a Republican Governor, expect that state to secede! We discuss this later, here just want to make the point that this social calamity is something in the making of years and years by the FED – totally open.

In political terms, Pres. Biden re-appointing latest Greenspan-Resurrect is a sign of weakness, a prayer to the status quo. Any big change coming from this FED, instead of a new face, would only be seen as panic, not decisiveness. That is sad, their effectiveness has been neutered by their past lethargy. Of course, there are academic scenarios where just a few points move by the FED would bring down the whole house of …. debt. “No good choices” as described in John Mauldin articles.


Today RUSSIA, under Putin the CZAR, has INVADED the closest non-Soviet, democratic and next-door neighbor country Ukraine!!

The FED, regardless of any opprobrium deserved, now has no choices! Some jawboning may even pick up, but supply chains are going to be massively adjusted. Rates will have to remain low! Money will need to keep flowing! We’re on pump – all of us: EU, US, ASIA, … but now this war is going to quickly spill over to commerce. Militarily nukes are out (hopefully!!!), but in the economic theatre, total warfare is called for, actually be unavaidable. If for no other reason is that they have already started, in bad faith, long ago. The constant cyber-attacks coming from Russia against any & all targets: corporations, water works, electric networks has clearly shown their active hostility.

Dictatorships, left or right style doesn’t matter, all of them cannot stand comparisons. You have to block out (eg. North Korea) or destroy anyplace that shows a richer, happier population. Yeah, that sounds “korny”, but this war is going to test many loyalties, even convictions about democracy.

Can you believe that an insane (& dumb!=) ex_President and a major network feeds (FOX NEWS et al) are cheering Putin on??? How effective has Russian propaganda been in America?

Europe needs to get off Russian gas! Gas is going up as we speak. How cold are Europeans willing to live to help establish a new eco-political order? If not, Czar Putin will put stronger touch on Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania even though they are in NATO. That is going to cost everybody massively but the balance sheets are not as healthy as when Pres. Reagan outspent & ultimately led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The only way to topple Czar Putin is by his own people, at least a couple of the rich, powerful who wanted to travel the world. If Russia is nothing but a giant gangster gas station, it’s time to turn off the tap. That will cost & the FED must pray that the status quo holds for awhile longer.

2022 or NEVER !!!

The Importance & Impact of the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.

In more normal times mid-term elections see fewer voters as national elections & often the party in power nationally sees a reverse of fortunes in the Congress. So much for normal times. Let’s get right down to why this is not anything like normal times & will not be for quite some time! We had intended a more normal rah-rah for how important this particular mid-term election will be. But other cataclysms seem to be on the horizon that completely upgrade the urgency.

In no particular order:

  • Climate Change is an established topic can be relegated back to academia & research centers for further study. Back here on earth, the term now becomes weather has changed! It will take monstrous public works projects to mitigate – at best – flood & storm damage occurring w/ much higher frequencies anticipated.

As of this writing, a massive storm has swept over England & northern Europe, causing a lot of storm damage. This is after the US experiencing literally a stream of very similar structured storms, with each wave causing serious infrastructure damage in one area after the other. Who is going to campaign for cutting fire fighters and other state-funded emergency personnel with only bigger & bigger storms more & more certain? Answer: The same minority hoard that never recognized Covid as an emergency! So weather disasters in a political campaign are not going to convert any of the many flavors of querdenkers out there. “Querdenker” is a new German word & means quer => across; denker => thinker. Pretty much someone who stands in the way of things, thinks against prevailing ideas; even lining trucks across the road to block, keep it from being used. In Germany it’s the people who demonstrate against …. (waiting for a noun? No, no noun necessary. These certain groups resemble a little child that simply throws a temper tantrum; says no to everything … on “principle”; and perseveres as far as they can take it. What can happen?!?! It’s a high for them. Of course, being childlike, they are not aware (or worse!=[)  of any possible grave consequences.)  Point is, however, that MONEY will be a campaign issue. Weather Changed = MONEY


WAR! Just listened to Putin & – I swear – he sounded just like Hitler talking about German speakers in neighboring countries in 1938 & his “worry about them.”… exact same verbage. Our personal opinion about the man goes back to these pics of him riding bareback & bare. Could it be that these enhancing weightlifter drugs are causing him to think of himself as resurrected Peter the Great (or maybe more like Ivan the Terrible), bringing Russia to Europe. In his big speech, he listed off the many countries the Soviet Union “lost”. Donald Trump, a simply despicable person in our opinion, his mentor** Putin is now on a MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN! Campaign.

**Yes,yes, he fell in love with Rocket Man & still keeps his letters, but Putin is the one who gave him a football!

  • WAR!!! Xi has China in a nationalistic mood, what will be necessary to take Formosa. In the countless U-tube channels about Chinese economy, has it occurred to anyone that an easy unifying action/distraction is a war? Maybe some old faction in the Chinese commie world thinks it’s time to remind the populace who is in charge? Especially now, because the real estate debacle is making local governments look corrupt, weak, underfinanced… susceptible?! And what would be better than a nationalistic unifying endeavor, a simple non-nuclear clash? Then everything else falls back in importance; Evergreen? Has to wait…poisoned water, air? Later….
  • Inflation! Simple as that! Inflation is kryptonite to this Super-Bubble. What the FED has done now for 4 consecutive chiefs (actually “chefs” of easy money salads, just green everywhere, for years & years, same stupid salad, never changing….  in the end looks almost criminal. Whether corrupt or not arguments will probably arise. The longer inflation runs, the more the damage. But it will recede occasionally as things really slow down. But it will be like a rattler drawing back his head, just building for more forward momentum, probably for the next supply chain surprise.

Inflation in US/EU is there! Exact numbers, ranging though probably 5-10%, are not as important as trend. When will a clear, irrefutable trend be established? Answer: Exactly in the run-up to 2022 mid-term elections! Meantime, the Fed runs this game of MANY rate hikes (sounds just sooo hawkisch), but each is a puny  ¼ of 1% and they are starting …. LOW! More important – to the FED – is that there will be PAUSES (as in MONTHS…. EACH!!! ) between these …..hmmm**… moves that will placate politicians that the markets are served.

**’momentous’ wanted to say in sarcastic way. But if the FED/politicians don’t get this right, manage to steer some kind of way through the brewing The Great Reset ocean storm, then there won’t be any FED anymore to worry about anyway. These actions – as they stand now – will be well remembered as a momentously monumental fiasco!! But the FED people will still get their milli$on $peaking engagements…or will they?

Ok, back to the topic at hand:

Coming POSTS:

2022 Part 1 Covid

2022 Part 2 Republican Party

2022 Part 3 Democrats

2022 Notes

Musk Presidency REVISITED

We made the case that Mr. Musk would be more than a valid contender; however, we realize the man has bigger projects in mind – really! And in recognition of the growing power of corporations (corporations that know they need to be international players to be viable), eventually political power will come to him without him having to chase any elected post. This is not to say that Mr. Musk will at some point be forced into a more active political role. The German government must be driving the man mad w/ never ending pettiness from a visionless bureaucracy. In the US, Pres. Biden sets himself up beside the old hallmark GM as the “EV Leader of the World” even as slowly people discover the hidden deal GM made with China. In short, GM completely sold out (probably didn’t have a real choice on their way to bankruptcy), gave away all leading tech they may have had and now a large majority of EVs come from China, then Mexico. A Chinese Cadillac anyone? Pres. Biden has made an absolute fool of himself parading around with the GM CEO  but he can’t help it: he is simply a product of classical American politics going back ages. Which brings us to a crucial question for Democrats: will they save GM again w/vast taxpayer money??? This time it will not work, instead it will absolutely backfire. Should this administration even try to save GM, there would be national coverage of GM’s EVs made in China, made in Mexico, the details of deal made w/China! (We  cover the impending chaos that will bring this question into the public discussion in “2022 or NEVER”)

Soon we will have to more seriously discuss traffic & scrap in space – on an international level. Will Pres. Biden again ignore Mr. Musk completely & maybe just invite Amazon Bozo to stand next to & proclaim as the “world leader” …for whatever??

We leave this topic with Democrats in a precarious position, unable to unite; the Republicans busy experimenting with the Nazi Handbook for National Power ; and the idea an independent faction having possibilities in 2024 – especially with a star-powered, non-political candidate. (see “2022 or NEVER”)

Elon Musk for President!!

Quite honestly, we really don’t think this is our original idea. Think of all the people who said to themselves “Hey, I would have thought of that!”, & realize a few of those already did!

But before we discuss the positives of this matter, let us give a general background environment; an ambiance; a “stage setting” for our candidate. For this we need Ross Perot!

Mr. Perot was a successful IBM salesman (from Texas) who was so successful, he made more in commissions than the CEO of IBM. For this, mgt called him in & said they would reduce his territory. In response Mr. Perot quit & started his own IT firm (using IBM mainframes he used to sell for them) that ended up – after hard work, of course – as a multi-billion dollar, international firm.

Having enough money & being unhappy with national affairs, he decided to run for President. Obviously he lost, otherwise you would recognize his name immediately. He did, however, make a very strong 3rd party candidate in a strictly-controlled, old, well established 2 party system.

All we want to say here is: in a completely more “established” even fixed political environment, a 3rd party candidate w/ less than stellar name recognition was recognized – and voted for – as a valid candidate.

It must be said, we do not speak for Mr. Musk & simply wanted to say we would support him over the current POTUS in an election.

As said, we cannot speak “for “ him, but possibly – like dozens, upon dozens of social media channels dedicated to Elon et al, topics we dare risk a few words “about” him. A few of these channels are good & informative; knowledgeable about their field, but some are just click-bait, regurgitating old news with tabloid-like catch-phrase titles.

In SpaceX, Mr. Musk is competing with 2 other billionaires with interest in (drum roll) … space! Of the other 2, bozos sees mfg in the sky & wants to profit from a “spaceAmazon”. A sideline is giving rich tourists a short spin up to lower orbit. All together just a business plan, aimed at profit – nothing more.

The short lower orbit joy-ride is also part of the business model of Sir Branson, simply expanding on his existing aviation enterprise. He can’t even afford rockets & needs to tow his vehicles up half- way & then give them a rocket-engine push. Have not heard much since last flight when the GPS device they got from Amazon sent them astray on the way down…(OK, maybe it was something else?=)

Mr. Musk has clearly demonstrated he understands the business aspects of large enterprises. But when you think of expanding the role of humans in the universe, trying the help save the only planet were on now, we see him as the visionaire of our times – a bit like Michelangelo lived in his times. Both did/are going to enjoy success & failure; suffer abuse from envious or flattering ones; & eventually not have their work fully, widely recognized until long after death.

This whole idea came to us as a natural progression of our political circus today: Republicans, through the Orange God Glob, have shown that adequate name recognition and just half of a good cover story suffices for more voting success than many a long public career – regardless if that career was an honest one (so many aren’t), an effective one (in a political environment that basks in status quo), or a useful one (who can really say that for a vast number of politicians).

If Mr. Musk would run on a party ticket or as an independent, we dare not venture that far out. But the few choices are obvious: Democrats are well-established & would not allow an external candidate. That leaves running as an independent or in a new Republican Party. The latter is a bit more complex, so we will dissect that first.

The current chaotic mess that popular, honest media still overly respectfully calls the Republican Party will be reinvigorated or simply reborn by the likes of Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney & other brave souls. Current conditions cannot continue, else the whole country will go up in flamesi. That’s why -from the very beginning– Russia has been so eager to help Trumpism. But the country needs a conservative party to complete the political spectrum. Again, we cannot speak for Mr. Musk & certainly not rigorously define Mr. Musk’s political beliefs. But we do know, the man has gotten a raw deal from Pres. Biden & has openly stated his disapproval of subsidies. The current Republicans ran in ‘16 & ‘20 without a platform – simply on a fake personal reputation! If in 2024 there is a conservative party or even just a movement, one void of insanity, idiotic foolishness, endless hate & hypocracy; void of all the hypocrites currently in the House or Senate who are willing to stand by & let democracy be destroyed, it will need a unifying entity that allows people to put so much of this discord behind them. This in turn implies again choosing someone from outside the established political order.

On the other hand, if we still have this fantasy-driven Republican circus, an independent would give vent to so many sane & conservative (or simply independent) voters; to rational, honest folks who are looking for a valid alternative to the Democrtic Party.(2)

This is all an off-the-wall proposition, so we’ll start to wrap it up & just mention that “Musk” name recognition is far bigger than anything seen in recent memory, gigantic even (we started this article before the Time Magazine “Man of the Year” award.); that such recognition will be boosted & kept high by SpaceX, Starlink activities that are creating so many jobs; that after finding out how “fabricated” the Chump Trump name really was, people will appreciate a genuine success, a real businessman.

And a final tidbit concerning the spat with Pres. Biden as it concerns the UAW: UAW workers are not dumb, they know the EVs from their firms are made in Mexico; they see the new, gigantic factories being built inside America by Mr. Musk; and …. they are going to pay careful attention to what he will work out with Industriegewerkschaft Metall in Germany!!

iSee our post “The 2022 Deathknell of the Republican Party”.

(2) …wish I knew how to add footnotes here… We SUPPORT the Democratic Party – especially in this current crises that America faces! But being democratic (small “d”) means respecting the full spectrum of political opinion (’till they become seditionist!!!! of course.)

America is at War!

Since everybody is talking about alarmist theories today, we want to do our part & offer ours. Enjoy!

Never thought I would be an alarmist…really!?! So, let me start slow (like talking to someone from ______[ur fav joke pers.=]

War is about “beating” the enemy – let’s leave that general definition momentarily. Maybe a couple million years ago… naw, maybe, anyway – TODAY – there ought be something positive comes out of it, for the winner anyway. OK, we’re tempted a lot, a really lot, of preponderance, BUT the 1st prize to wage war today is land, space… livable space. What a simpleton, you say to yourself- I see that myself in the news daily from Palestinians losing it, Kurden are losing it, Etheopien minority tribes are losing everything….

But the biggies, the ones with the nukes…naw. Why in living wonder would Russians want to invade en masse… not happening…. Our best estimate is that Russia simple has to pull other nations down a la true soviets (And keep Putin’s ass out of prison… as long as everywhere alse is bad, you get awa with anything)

Which brings me to a sidestory and then visit at end this Russian war again:

Why this  COVID? I mean here you have Covid “leaks” out of Chinese Lab for (among whatever else????) … ta da   … Covid. Now here the story branches a bit, deeper versions, but all end same punchline. The deeper, go right into it, simply says China has already started its war on Formosa. If Russia can grab Crimea, Chinese commies are sure as hell going to get Formosa. But, here’s the catch: how to “tame” such a large population and also very important, leave the infrastructure for future growth. Solution for a long time was this big bomb that spread gamma or whatever wavelength it was that cooked people’s brains, and in the end was unfunded ‘cause you still ended up blowing everything up anyway. (Gonna write this as if I ever seen this shit). So what about… Covid ???

First! You have to infect the rest of the world – with their mild versions… don’t want to be obvious you’re the one causing this. When Covid is part of our daily lives (another blog about future life with Covi forthcoming), and different “waves” worldwide, you bring in 200 agents to spread the really good stuff around Formosa, you seal the border, you wait. The resulting international tragedy will force the Chinese commies to come in and help. Just like the Israeli government goes into West Bank to help. I mean face it: West Bank is lost; tribal lands all over Africa are in dispute – on top of terrorism; all the victims of the recent spate of weather disasters – on every continent! All the fires are horrendous, so it is more disturbing to see groupings of Mediterranean fires. Some areas brought more money ie. N, but all of them provided for a lot of people. So many, we’re talking about whole villages, even regions were impacted.

Back to Covid: The Cc is smug, they already have the “good stuff” developed, not the cheap stuff they peddle worldwide. Probably call it Covid235 to play homage to the atomic stuff. The really deep version says they have this all by plan as it is. That is, they would have regions infected. We’d like to give them credit for wanting to test it on themselves first, but….. naw, they just needed the whole population doing innoculation drills. When the time comes, Cc will spread the “good stuff” from the military to the general population…but it should be in a disciplined and practiced drill. The country is so corrupt, bet all the party people got theirs long ago.

The Cc want to show big show – make leader look good => quick-> Formosa W/many maschines. OK, that’s the deep version, Cc is in full swing, just waiting for the right moment to lay the big egg on the island.

More down-to-earth is just a reasonable assumption that is, actually is the eventual plan, but while still in preparations some Covid (the light stuff, not in a real DANGER zone and therefore more relaxed part of the lab) hung onto a labcoat of someone working long hours and who had to rush to get to the big market for something before they close. Nothing more than that, but the Cc can never-ever admit it. Now all their planning & preparations were for nothing as we now have a good start on vaccinations.

Or is it that everything is going according to plan this very moment?

Oh yeah: the war with Russia. Putin has really hit a jackpot with this egocentric, uneducated “orange useful idiot”, to fully put himself on the world stage, almost a  guarantee for job security at home. EX-Dictators, in today’s world, are not as well treated as in past decades. They always end up the same: stealing soooo much, that soooomebody got mad enough to want to do the job better. The Cc has learned from Russia, when Putin was the first to cut some heads off of the super rich if they got uppity & to reign in the rest. King of the Hill reigning at home is easier when you’re standing on a/n (international) mountain!

When the FSB “listed” names of American business people in Russia, to see who had any weaknessses generally. A buffoon like Trump at an international beauty contest got red flags and even stars next to his name.

Putin does not want to invade, nuke or anything violent actually. Remember, if a city – any city! – were to lose only one of many centralized systems it would already cause riots! We’d like to say “turmoil”, but let’s face it, after Jan. 6, it should be obvious that black & white Americans are united! They’re BOTH pissed off! It has been supreme KGB work by the Fucking Sinister Bastards to do so much to undermine trust in the government, Constitution & leadership of the United States of America. As we speak, IT types go to work every day – on BOTH sides to see how to do damage on the other side. OK, except they are already using it. Maybe a few guys went private from this official work (couple examples of same such for Secret Service & other fed agencies, no finger pointing) to become more profitable; to extract vast sums of money from American companies; or even to endanger whole populated regions with intrusion tactics on power networks, water work operations, and now: financial systems seem hot.

If national resources were applied to the digital tricks a few gangsters exploited to attack a complete countrywide network, wether water, electricity, comm, financial it would truly be devastating. And also by now all code, directions & descriptions are also in the hands of the …FSB (Gotta be careful, maybe someone will give me PLUTONIUM RED Wine someday!=/

Anyway, Putin has job security as long as he can show pictures of America on the bad side! Helps to instigate the set – make the picture more dramatic …. yeah, throw in a little staging. Simple as that!

COMMENTS here…(a 1st report)

After a review of the comments to date, we are convinced of the simple truth that no one reads this blog! Yes, there is a single digit group… hopefully, maybe they’ll come back….

The most – by far – comments were spam machines that found us & were promoting porn, drugs… that kind of stuff…. Another interesting group came from Russia. Seeing comments in Cyrillig, with their length & obvious preparedness, suggested we collect, group the IP addresses. No doubt most of these were generated by the KGB (or whatever Putin calls his Fucking Sinister Bastards!=)**

But the last group I want to talk about caused me to reflect on a class in my graduate course close to 50 years ago. Info Science (aka computer stuff), Georgia Tech and I’m sitting in a semantic class. If it really was called that, can’t remember, but we talked about various aspects of language, including how to program it. We just want to say that if you construct an AI system to learn like a human, it will make the similar grammatical faux pas  as beginning adult English students.

Maybe scrap all comments & start over….hmmm, yeah. ..

** see “America is at War!”.

Absurdistan meets Vietnam!!!

…. Wew, hold on… got to catch my breath…

As we write, news reports  are  talking about Afghanistan pres. fleeing Kabul. This comes on the heels of announcement few hours ago about additional American troops having to be sent to protect the last lucky ones as they flee the country.

We continue to support duly-elected, legitimate President Joe – just a good man – Biden, but let’s be clear: this retreat was botched!

It should have been clear that when that orange mess at the White House last year “made his deal” with the Taliban, it was an open door to the Taliban to plan for nationwide action. It seems even the Pentagon people have forgotten the debacle, the pictures, of those last days in Vietnam. Or.. political decisions were made without military evaluations (IF they existed).

Why not send in 100,000 troops; aircraft; burn those papers; process the helpers w/ visas and immediately start evacuating? A month, a sign of strength, certainly not a sinking hole in the American military budget. Does’nt have to end with ten A-10s necklace style circling Kabul perimeter and sending a shitload of these shitheads to their fantasy heaven as a last picture, but it could have been handled smarter. Maybe just blow up all those Humvees left behind & now quickly transporting Taliban to Kabul.

Instead we have pictorially, broadcast worldwide, the EXACT same scenarios as those historic pictures from Vietnam.

Nevertheless, with all that said,


Our hearts go out to the Afghan forces!!! So many of these people went to the military because it’s a job in a country that does not have a lot of … jobs! No problem – US military branches recruit successfully because so many military duties are high tech requiring advanced training that costs so much in the private sector. In other countries its just nice to earn a real wage.

So then comes the training and then arming. No problem, most people can learn given the right training. So, what happened? Why should some Afghan forces run, hide, try to escape? In essence: NOT fight! Here, the parallel to Vietnam just screams out at you! The Afghan forces were trained, armed, but – JUST AS IN VIETNAM – they are completely unmotivated! Not DE-motivated, there never was any motivation. Didn’t these Pentagon biggies never see that in… these last two multi- year wars? Just as in Vietnam, simple, ordinary people are asked to sacrifice their lives for a completely corrupt, ineffective government! Why is it so easy to overlook the brother of a country’s president being a major international drug dealer?! No, look! See the soldiers training, don’t they march chic… and they shoot so well, see how they fight (as long as they are next to US personnel that guarantees the aircraft in the sky above will protect them all ! = ]  No, asking these people for the ultimate sacrifice for a government that has nothing to do with public welfare was always too much.

Its trite, but we have to say it: “You cannot make this stuff up!

At this very moment a US Sec. of State is painting a completely BS rosy picture of this debacle, followed by a Republican blaming everything on President  “the legitimate one” Biden, completely ignoring how their Republican orange despot gobd personally invited the Taliban to Camp David, so he could give them anything they wanted as long as they didn’t embarrass him. All the while the TV pics from Vietnam are rolling….

Why can’t this Sec. State talking head recognize where it goes from here. The $illions supporting the Taliban, coming from Saudi Arabia, also come with strings attached. Just as those in charge being so surprised by the rapidity of current events will also be surprised by how quickly AlQuida et. al. are parading again in Afghanistan.

The Chinese commies (hence Cc) see what’s coming and their quick well-wishes to the Taliban is in recognition that the evil vile oozing from Afghanistan will flow westward (symbolically speaking). That’s the same Cc that are imprisoning millions of Moslem Uighurs for no more than being who they are at this very moment.

We wrap up with a delicate subject. We don’t think Islam lends itself to peaceful cooperation. Yes, there are those millions of Muslims who talk about how peaceful Islam is, how peaceful they are. In so many past cases, these claims have only shown them to be the Chamberlains of Islam. They will be the first to want to – peacefully, of course – save their business, job, property, necks by joining the support of a new regime, any new regime. Has everyone forgotten all the youth from every – every – western country who joined AlQuida when it was hot news? Whole swaths of Africa are lawless, with Islamic bands roaming, raping, robbing, killing & crippling civilians. Most “wealthy” Middle East countries are held together with authoritarian, often corrupt regimes. When one of them wants to be modern, progressive like Qatar, they are attacked by their “brothers”. No, international solutions are not going to come from oil-dependent, frail, or authoritarian countries. God helps those that help themselves.

Fellow Americans:

Forget  this latest Absurdistan! You have offered enough money and sacrificed enough American lives & limbs to introduce peace and democracy to millions of Afghanies. You have done more than enough! Yes, they will have it tough, but resistance has to come internally. The democratic fire lit by American & international players  might only smolder for a while, but the Taliban is a self-destruct phenomena. When they show their true color – the black of blood – they’ll seed their own internal resistance. Religious fanatics need constant stream of converts to reinforce the rightness of their righteousness. When they start mass killings of those they can’t convert; when they show they have nothing to offer in urban management, when they relinguish power to their  most violent & extreme elements – imported or domestic – the problems will start.

Concentrate on making America strong. Do some infrastructure mending to facilitate travel, business & trade. Stop passing laws to keep black citizens from voting.  The emergencies of climate change & Covid need your full attention; there is no time for silly conspiracy theories (or silly political figures). In time America & rest of the west will face direct threats from extreme Islam again  – prepare now & be ready then!

Respectfully yours,

The 2021 American Constitutional Crisis

(Amended Nov.12,2020)

We are a week after the 2020 Election that Joe “LoveThatMan” Biden has won decisively, even if Congressional  elections were more mixed. The first time we warned of this coming disaster concerning the Chief Deplorable`s reaction we erroneously put “2020” in the title. Yes, today CNN even used the term “Constitutional Crisis, if only in a question. The problem is that democratically oriented folks are being placated by fantasies like “Trump needs time to accept the results…” or “Republicans are only trying to present a good front for the Senate special elections in Georgia for the U.S. Senate next  January.” Whether people spreading this pure bullcrappy actually believe it or not is irrelevant. What is damaging is that democratically oriented people who would otherwise take action in the face of danger are letting themselves be duped if they believe such nonsense! They are simply giving this FAKE president more time to concoct his dictatorial schemes.

Let’s be frank: Trump is cornered!! He has massive personal debts coming due for money he does not have; he & his family are facing criminal investigations for corruption & being POTUS is his only defense. Yes, this despicable person is – academically speaking – a pretty dumb person, stupid even. It is easy to forget he is also an experienced, a practiced manipulator. He has several options, no matter how ludicrous they sound:

  1. Find a case of election fraud. Any , any at all, even fabricated (as he has dictated his Justice Dept hack Barr to do.) and let it find one friendly judge. Let that one case – however trivial – rise in the judicial ladder to the Supreme Court. This is where the judicial hacks he has appointed there will decide something completely to his liking. Declaring him “president for life” would be perhaps too extreme. No, it will be something along the lines that the election as a whole was invalid & needs to be redone. Perhaps with additional requirements for federal oversight that will guarantee control for Trump.
  2. Place enough political hacks in the Pentagon to be able to control the military. When he is still in the White House after January 20th 2020 people will go to the streets in protest. Probably the protests will start already in December or even sooner as it becomes obvious that he is simply not leaving the White House nor has any intention to ever do do. The Chief Deplorable will then righteously declare a national emergency and have his hacks in the Pentagon who will, this time, allow U.S. active troops to be mobilized to the streets of America. He will, of course, be oblivious to the resulting bloodshed. My guess is that SecState POMPOUS will revert to his military role and actively lead these efforts. He has already publically stated that Trump will be president for the next 4 years!!
  3. Start a war – any war – then declare a national emergency. After that his newly appointed hacks in the Pentagon will take it from there.
  4. Have Republican SecStates of various states corrupt the Electorial College with fake representatives. Yes, most of them are decent, loyal to American law type of people, regradless of their political policy beliefs. But remember, it only takes a small number to do the damage. Aren’t we seeing enough Republican politicians and political appointees openly saying Trump “will win”!?!?

The real crisis will not be apparent until Jan 20th & the Chief Deplorable is still in the White House.  When we first warned of this calamity, the Covid tragedy count was 75K. It is now at the lower end of our forecast: quarter million and rising fast. Santa Claus -in our sad opinion – will bring the total to the high end of our forecast: one-half million Americans dead from Vovid! The reason Trump & Pence do nothing – except go golfing & vacation, respectively – is because a rising catastrophe in the health sphere is actually to their liking; it serves their purpose to have a chaotic as possible environment come January! The more people distracted by the fact they & others around them are sick or dying, the more they will also be distracted from the political scam being perpetrated upon them. And the sad part is that so many Republicans go along with all this, go along with whatever Trump does or says.  The many people, not the majority by far but nevertheless too many, who voted for Trump will accept an overthrow of the legitimate government of the United States. Sounds ludicrous, but that is the state of divisiveness, diregard for institutions that 4 years of this Chief Deplorable has brought us. The remaining hurdle is only to distract the remaining part of the population with war, pestilence, whatever…..More will be better for a “Republican win”.

That is why we call it the 2021 American Constitutional Crisis. It will be in 2021 at the latest that the democratic institutions – the ones remaining that Trump has not poisoned with his political hacks – will be put to the decisive test. And it will truly be a test!

One of Trump’s sons used the term “Total war” – very reminiscent of Hitler’s famous call for mobilization “Wollen Sie den totallen Krieg!”. He (or the other one, can’t tell one from the other…) actually called for the deaths of leading Democratic Party officials & leading public figures. Their deaths!!! He said it openly, publically AND was cheered by a large crowd of followers. Forget that that is a federal offense! Tell me there is not going to be violence on the streets before this is over! I don’t mean to denigrate the seriousness of the recent Black Lives Matter efforts & protests, but if Trump does not go, we will experience a whole new level of protest.  The whole Trump clan in the White House has no shame. Let the public bleed before they have to answer for their actions. Tell me they are not organizing  “brown shirts” in the midst of Homeland Security personnel! Tell me it will bother them in the least when Americans are shooting each other !

Oh yea, I forgot: Trump just needs time to adjust. Really, you really believe – after seeing him in action for 4 years – he becomes more rational in times of stress??? Dream on…keep watching Fox…

Then there is The Republicans are only putting on a good show of strength for the elections in Georgia for 2 Senate seats. First, lets get this straight: This is the political party that actively tries to restrict voting rights with any means vailable. Let me see, the election is Jan 5th and Inaugaration is 20th. Does that mean there will be no transition until…  until the votes are counted (& most undoubtedly recounted!)  in that Georgia election also, maybe February?? Is there any incentive for the Republicans to allow a transition before that election on Jan 5th – especially as the election comes closer ??? And if they can get away with it that far, why not…. further……and …… further….. and all the while the Chief Deplorable thinks of his options & schemes on….

We do not know what options are available to those who want a transition, the hallmark of a democratic republic, a feature for which the U.S. is admired & respected throughout the world (or feared!=). But we offer the following: Impeachment (again) in the House of Representatives and send it to the Senate! Let Senators no longer hide if they are on the side of democracy or allied to all those hiding in Trump’s hind cheeks. The Chief Deplorable has definitely raised the stakes in this debacle, it is time to double down on him!

(Trump is trying to gather as much cash as possible from this quagmire, soliciting funds for his “legal fees” while the biggest chunk actually goes directly to his campaign. The same campaign that refuses to pay their bills to all municipalities where rallies were held, just as Trump himself left unpaid bills whereever he has operated. But what concerns s most is what reward he expects from the Russians, from Putin, as he lets his newly appointed hacks in the Pentagon release classified information will-nilly as long as he is still in office!!!)