America is at War!

Since everybody is talking about alarmist theories today, we want to do our part & offer ours. Enjoy!

Never thought I would be an alarmist…really!?! So, let me start slow (like talking to someone from ______[ur fav joke pers.=]

War is about “beating” the enemy – let’s leave that general definition momentarily. Maybe a couple million years ago… naw, maybe, anyway – TODAY – there ought be something positive comes out of it, for the winner anyway. OK, we’re tempted a lot, a really lot, of preponderance, BUT the 1st prize to wage war today is land, space… livable space. What a simpleton, you say to yourself- I see that myself in the news daily from Palestinians losing it, Kurden are losing it, Etheopien minority tribes are losing everything….

But the biggies, the ones with the nukes…naw. Why in living wonder would Russians want to invade en masse… not happening…. Our best estimate is that Russia simple has to pull other nations down a la true soviets (And keep Putin’s ass out of prison… as long as everywhere alse is bad, you get awa with anything)

Which brings me to a sidestory and then visit at end this Russian war again:

Why this  COVID? I mean here you have Covid “leaks” out of Chinese Lab for (among whatever else????) … ta da   … Covid. Now here the story branches a bit, deeper versions, but all end same punchline. The deeper, go right into it, simply says China has already started its war on Formosa. If Russia can grab Crimea, Chinese commies are sure as hell going to get Formosa. But, here’s the catch: how to “tame” such a large population and also very important, leave the infrastructure for future growth. Solution for a long time was this big bomb that spread gamma or whatever wavelength it was that cooked people’s brains, and in the end was unfunded ‘cause you still ended up blowing everything up anyway. (Gonna write this as if I ever seen this shit). So what about… Covid ???

First! You have to infect the rest of the world – with their mild versions… don’t want to be obvious you’re the one causing this. When Covid is part of our daily lives (another blog about future life with Covi forthcoming), and different “waves” worldwide, you bring in 200 agents to spread the really good stuff around Formosa, you seal the border, you wait. The resulting international tragedy will force the Chinese commies to come in and help. Just like the Israeli government goes into West Bank to help. I mean face it: West Bank is lost; tribal lands all over Africa are in dispute – on top of terrorism; all the victims of the recent spate of weather disasters – on every continent! All the fires are horrendous, so it is more disturbing to see groupings of Mediterranean fires. Some areas brought more money ie. N, but all of them provided for a lot of people. So many, we’re talking about whole villages, even regions were impacted.

Back to Covid: The Cc is smug, they already have the “good stuff” developed, not the cheap stuff they peddle worldwide. Probably call it Covid235 to play homage to the atomic stuff. The really deep version says they have this all by plan as it is. That is, they would have regions infected. We’d like to give them credit for wanting to test it on themselves first, but….. naw, they just needed the whole population doing innoculation drills. When the time comes, Cc will spread the “good stuff” from the military to the general population…but it should be in a disciplined and practiced drill. The country is so corrupt, bet all the party people got theirs long ago.

The Cc want to show big show – make leader look good => quick-> Formosa W/many maschines. OK, that’s the deep version, Cc is in full swing, just waiting for the right moment to lay the big egg on the island.

More down-to-earth is just a reasonable assumption that is, actually is the eventual plan, but while still in preparations some Covid (the light stuff, not in a real DANGER zone and therefore more relaxed part of the lab) hung onto a labcoat of someone working long hours and who had to rush to get to the big market for something before they close. Nothing more than that, but the Cc can never-ever admit it. Now all their planning & preparations were for nothing as we now have a good start on vaccinations.

Or is it that everything is going according to plan this very moment?

Oh yeah: the war with Russia. Putin has really hit a jackpot with this egocentric, uneducated “orange useful idiot”, to fully put himself on the world stage, almost a  guarantee for job security at home. EX-Dictators, in today’s world, are not as well treated as in past decades. They always end up the same: stealing soooo much, that soooomebody got mad enough to want to do the job better. The Cc has learned from Russia, when Putin was the first to cut some heads off of the super rich if they got uppity & to reign in the rest. King of the Hill reigning at home is easier when you’re standing on a/n (international) mountain!

When the FSB “listed” names of American business people in Russia, to see who had any weaknessses generally. A buffoon like Trump at an international beauty contest got red flags and even stars next to his name.

Putin does not want to invade, nuke or anything violent actually. Remember, if a city – any city! – were to lose only one of many centralized systems it would already cause riots! We’d like to say “turmoil”, but let’s face it, after Jan. 6, it should be obvious that black & white Americans are united! They’re BOTH pissed off! It has been supreme KGB work by the Fucking Sinister Bastards to do so much to undermine trust in the government, Constitution & leadership of the United States of America. As we speak, IT types go to work every day – on BOTH sides to see how to do damage on the other side. OK, except they are already using it. Maybe a few guys went private from this official work (couple examples of same such for Secret Service & other fed agencies, no finger pointing) to become more profitable; to extract vast sums of money from American companies; or even to endanger whole populated regions with intrusion tactics on power networks, water work operations, and now: financial systems seem hot.

If national resources were applied to the digital tricks a few gangsters exploited to attack a complete countrywide network, wether water, electricity, comm, financial it would truly be devastating. And also by now all code, directions & descriptions are also in the hands of the …FSB (Gotta be careful, maybe someone will give me PLUTONIUM RED Wine someday!=/

Anyway, Putin has job security as long as he can show pictures of America on the bad side! Helps to instigate the set – make the picture more dramatic …. yeah, throw in a little staging. Simple as that!

COMMENTS here…(a 1st report)

After a review of the comments to date, we are convinced of the simple truth that no one reads this blog! Yes, there is a single digit group… hopefully, maybe they’ll come back….

The most – by far – comments were spam machines that found us & were promoting porn, drugs… that kind of stuff…. Another interesting group came from Russia. Seeing comments in Cyrillig, with their length & obvious preparedness, suggested we collect, group the IP addresses. No doubt most of these were generated by the KGB (or whatever Putin calls his Fucking Sinister Bastards!=)**

But the last group I want to talk about caused me to reflect on a class in my graduate course close to 50 years ago. Info Science (aka computer stuff), Georgia Tech and I’m sitting in a semantic class. If it really was called that, can’t remember, but we talked about various aspects of language, including how to program it. We just want to say that if you construct an AI system to learn like a human, it will make the similar grammatical faux pas  as beginning adult English students.

Maybe scrap all comments & start over….hmmm, yeah. ..

** see “America is at War!”.

Absurdistan meets Vietnam!!!

…. Wew, hold on… got to catch my breath…

As we write, news reports  are  talking about Afghanistan pres. fleeing Kabul. This comes on the heels of announcement few hours ago about additional American troops having to be sent to protect the last lucky ones as they flee the country.

We continue to support duly-elected, legitimate President Joe – just a good man – Biden, but let’s be clear: this retreat was botched!

It should have been clear that when that orange mess at the White House last year “made his deal” with the Taliban, it was an open door to the Taliban to plan for nationwide action. It seems even the Pentagon people have forgotten the debacle, the pictures, of those last days in Vietnam. Or.. political decisions were made without military evaluations (IF they existed).

Why not send in 100,000 troops; aircraft; burn those papers; process the helpers w/ visas and immediately start evacuating? A month, a sign of strength, certainly not a sinking hole in the American military budget. Does’nt have to end with ten A-10s necklace style circling Kabul perimeter and sending a shitload of these shitheads to their fantasy heaven as a last picture, but it could have been handled smarter. Maybe just blow up all those Humvees left behind & now quickly transporting Taliban to Kabul.

Instead we have pictorially, broadcast worldwide, the EXACT same scenarios as those historic pictures from Vietnam.

Nevertheless, with all that said,


Our hearts go out to the Afghan forces!!! So many of these people went to the military because it’s a job in a country that does not have a lot of … jobs! No problem – US military branches recruit successfully because so many military duties are high tech requiring advanced training that costs so much in the private sector. In other countries its just nice to earn a real wage.

So then comes the training and then arming. No problem, most people can learn given the right training. So, what happened? Why should some Afghan forces run, hide, try to escape? In essence: NOT fight! Here, the parallel to Vietnam just screams out at you! The Afghan forces were trained, armed, but – JUST AS IN VIETNAM – they are completely unmotivated! Not DE-motivated, there never was any motivation. Didn’t these Pentagon biggies never see that in… these last two multi- year wars? Just as in Vietnam, simple, ordinary people are asked to sacrifice their lives for a completely corrupt, ineffective government! Why is it so easy to overlook the brother of a country’s president being a major international drug dealer?! No, look! See the soldiers training, don’t they march chic… and they shoot so well, see how they fight (as long as they are next to US personnel that guarantees the aircraft in the sky above will protect them all ! = ]  No, asking these people for the ultimate sacrifice for a government that has nothing to do with public welfare was always too much.

Its trite, but we have to say it: “You cannot make this stuff up!

At this very moment a US Sec. of State is painting a completely BS rosy picture of this debacle, followed by a Republican blaming everything on President  “the legitimate one” Biden, completely ignoring how their Republican orange despot gobd personally invited the Taliban to Camp David, so he could give them anything they wanted as long as they didn’t embarrass him. All the while the TV pics from Vietnam are rolling….

Why can’t this Sec. State talking head recognize where it goes from here. The $illions supporting the Taliban, coming from Saudi Arabia, also come with strings attached. Just as those in charge being so surprised by the rapidity of current events will also be surprised by how quickly AlQuida et. al. are parading again in Afghanistan.

The Chinese commies (hence Cc) see what’s coming and their quick well-wishes to the Taliban is in recognition that the evil vile oozing from Afghanistan will flow westward (symbolically speaking). That’s the same Cc that are imprisoning millions of Moslem Uighurs for no more than being who they are at this very moment.

We wrap up with a delicate subject. We don’t think Islam lends itself to peaceful cooperation. Yes, there are those millions of Muslims who talk about how peaceful Islam is, how peaceful they are. In so many past cases, these claims have only shown them to be the Chamberlains of Islam. They will be the first to want to – peacefully, of course – save their business, job, property, necks by joining the support of a new regime, any new regime. Has everyone forgotten all the youth from every – every – western country who joined AlQuida when it was hot news? Whole swaths of Africa are lawless, with Islamic bands roaming, raping, robbing, killing & crippling civilians. Most “wealthy” Middle East countries are held together with authoritarian, often corrupt regimes. When one of them wants to be modern, progressive like Qatar, they are attacked by their “brothers”. No, international solutions are not going to come from oil-dependent, frail, or authoritarian countries. God helps those that help themselves.

Fellow Americans:

Forget  this latest Absurdistan! You have offered enough money and sacrificed enough American lives & limbs to introduce peace and democracy to millions of Afghanies. You have done more than enough! Yes, they will have it tough, but resistance has to come internally. The democratic fire lit by American & international players  might only smolder for a while, but the Taliban is a self-destruct phenomena. When they show their true color – the black of blood – they’ll seed their own internal resistance. Religious fanatics need constant stream of converts to reinforce the rightness of their righteousness. When they start mass killings of those they can’t convert; when they show they have nothing to offer in urban management, when they relinguish power to their  most violent & extreme elements – imported or domestic – the problems will start.

Concentrate on making America strong. Do some infrastructure mending to facilitate travel, business & trade. Stop passing laws to keep black citizens from voting.  The emergencies of climate change & Covid need your full attention; there is no time for silly conspiracy theories (or silly political figures). In time America & rest of the west will face direct threats from extreme Islam again  – prepare now & be ready then!

Respectfully yours,