The Demise of the Republican Party

We start with the somewhat perplexing recognition that the Chief Deplorable enjoys favorable ratings by normally objective Gallup polls. But we will come back to that. In the meantime, what does the Republican Party stand for today? Certainly nothing to do with fiscal responsibility (leaving the Covid19 emergency aside). Supporters would say “conservative”  values, but what do they mean by “conservative? Draconian laws that command women what they have to do – or cannot do – with their bodies? Tearing down federal programs for consumer protection; for environmental protection? Openly denying that there are any environmental crises whatsoever? There is only one word that describes the Republican party of today: reactionary!

That itself is not going to make a big hit poster for the 2020 Presidential Election. So what is it that gives us hope? And by “us” I mean folks who admire honesty, moral backbone, & objective thinking and want to see that in their political, community, as well as business leaders! We look back at the 2018 Mid-Term Elections and what drastically changed from the 2016 Disaster. The one clearly identifiable & crucial segment of voters that changed their votes to Democrats were suburban white people. Remember that in 2016 the Chief Deplorable lost the popular vote by 3 million – a blatant fact lost in all the self-serving rantings out of the White House about the “great victory” in the electorate college. Nothing will sway the “base”, who adore the “chosen one” the more crass, the more vicious & mean he becomes in punishing anyone with divergent views. So what is the difference, the characteristics that differentiate the mostly rural and the suburban voters who supported a Republican candidate in 2016? And the answer is EDUCATION! People who were willing to overlook personality shortcomings to support a conservative candidate have since seen actual evidence that policies have not been successful, even harmful to the welfare of the country as a whole. Add to that the exposure we all have had to the real personality traits of an ego-centric, vain, unread bully. What was recognized as an anti-establishment, say-it-like-it-is candidate can now openly be seen as the corrupt liar that he is. The Chief Deplorable said he would drain the swamp, but never mentioned he would achieve that by inviting them all to Washington and giving them high positions in his administration.

If the there is one positive from the current Covid19 catastrophe, the exposure put on our leaders openly shows how wanting, how inadequate the head of the federal government really is as a leader – at least for educated individuals who deal in facts. The “base” of the great Chief Deplorable has already  shifted to cult adoration modus. The Republican Party (with very few, but  notable exceptions), tightly grouped in the hind cheeks of their great leader, will completely share his fate as they have no other recognizable characteristics!

I wish the Democratic free-for-all had lasted longer. I wanted to see more of the new candidates. I wish a more new revolutionary type had come forth, but understand that people want to see calm reasoning and a belief in facts again in their President. Actually I wish Mickey Mouse had been a candidate, I belong to the vast majority of the “anybody but trump” movement and wanted to send a message. But if Democrats want to send  a calm, experienced, educated fellow to the race then fine with me!

In 2016 Hillary was not popular, not a problem  today. In 2016 the Dem Party presented itself as elitist, hopefully they’ve learned. In 2016 enough folks were enamored by a supposedly anti-establishment type who insulted all politicians,  today we remember the old saying: You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool the American People after they’ve seen who you really are!