Elon Musk for President!!

Quite honestly, we really don’t think this is our original idea. Think of all the people who said to themselves “Hey, I would have thought of that!”, & realize a few of those already did!

But before we discuss the positives of this matter, let us give a general background environment; an ambiance; a “stage setting” for our candidate. For this we need Ross Perot!

Mr. Perot was a successful IBM salesman (from Texas) who was so successful, he made more in commissions than the CEO of IBM. For this, mgt called him in & said they would reduce his territory. In response Mr. Perot quit & started his own IT firm (using IBM mainframes he used to sell for them) that ended up – after hard work, of course – as a multi-billion dollar, international firm.

Having enough money & being unhappy with national affairs, he decided to run for President. Obviously he lost, otherwise you would recognize his name immediately. He did, however, make a very strong 3rd party candidate in a strictly-controlled, old, well established 2 party system.

All we want to say here is: in a completely more “established” even fixed political environment, a 3rd party candidate w/ less than stellar name recognition was recognized – and voted for – as a valid candidate.

It must be said, we do not speak for Mr. Musk & simply wanted to say we would support him over the current POTUS in an election.

As said, we cannot speak “for “ him, but possibly – like dozens, upon dozens of social media channels dedicated to Elon et al, topics we dare risk a few words “about” him. A few of these channels are good & informative; knowledgeable about their field, but some are just click-bait, regurgitating old news with tabloid-like catch-phrase titles.

In SpaceX, Mr. Musk is competing with 2 other billionaires with interest in (drum roll) … space! Of the other 2, bozos sees mfg in the sky & wants to profit from a “spaceAmazon”. A sideline is giving rich tourists a short spin up to lower orbit. All together just a business plan, aimed at profit – nothing more.

The short lower orbit joy-ride is also part of the business model of Sir Branson, simply expanding on his existing aviation enterprise. He can’t even afford rockets & needs to tow his vehicles up half- way & then give them a rocket-engine push. Have not heard much since last flight when the GPS device they got from Amazon sent them astray on the way down…(OK, maybe it was something else?=)

Mr. Musk has clearly demonstrated he understands the business aspects of large enterprises. But when you think of expanding the role of humans in the universe, trying the help save the only planet were on now, we see him as the visionaire of our times – a bit like Michelangelo lived in his times. Both did/are going to enjoy success & failure; suffer abuse from envious or flattering ones; & eventually not have their work fully, widely recognized until long after death.

This whole idea came to us as a natural progression of our political circus today: Republicans, through the Orange God Glob, have shown that adequate name recognition and just half of a good cover story suffices for more voting success than many a long public career – regardless if that career was an honest one (so many aren’t), an effective one (in a political environment that basks in status quo), or a useful one (who can really say that for a vast number of politicians).

If Mr. Musk would run on a party ticket or as an independent, we dare not venture that far out. But the few choices are obvious: Democrats are well-established & would not allow an external candidate. That leaves running as an independent or in a new Republican Party. The latter is a bit more complex, so we will dissect that first.

The current chaotic mess that popular, honest media still overly respectfully calls the Republican Party will be reinvigorated or simply reborn by the likes of Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney & other brave souls. Current conditions cannot continue, else the whole country will go up in flamesi. That’s why -from the very beginning– Russia has been so eager to help Trumpism. But the country needs a conservative party to complete the political spectrum. Again, we cannot speak for Mr. Musk & certainly not rigorously define Mr. Musk’s political beliefs. But we do know, the man has gotten a raw deal from Pres. Biden & has openly stated his disapproval of subsidies. The current Republicans ran in ‘16 & ‘20 without a platform – simply on a fake personal reputation! If in 2024 there is a conservative party or even just a movement, one void of insanity, idiotic foolishness, endless hate & hypocracy; void of all the hypocrites currently in the House or Senate who are willing to stand by & let democracy be destroyed, it will need a unifying entity that allows people to put so much of this discord behind them. This in turn implies again choosing someone from outside the established political order.

On the other hand, if we still have this fantasy-driven Republican circus, an independent would give vent to so many sane & conservative (or simply independent) voters; to rational, honest folks who are looking for a valid alternative to the Democrtic Party.(2)

This is all an off-the-wall proposition, so we’ll start to wrap it up & just mention that “Musk” name recognition is far bigger than anything seen in recent memory, gigantic even (we started this article before the Time Magazine “Man of the Year” award.); that such recognition will be boosted & kept high by SpaceX, Starlink activities that are creating so many jobs; that after finding out how “fabricated” the Chump Trump name really was, people will appreciate a genuine success, a real businessman.

And a final tidbit concerning the spat with Pres. Biden as it concerns the UAW: UAW workers are not dumb, they know the EVs from their firms are made in Mexico; they see the new, gigantic factories being built inside America by Mr. Musk; and …. they are going to pay careful attention to what he will work out with Industriegewerkschaft Metall in Germany!!

iSee our post “The 2022 Deathknell of the Republican Party”.

(2) …wish I knew how to add footnotes here… We SUPPORT the Democratic Party – especially in this current crises that America faces! But being democratic (small “d”) means respecting the full spectrum of political opinion (’till they become seditionist!!!! of course.)