COMMENTS here…(a 1st report)

After a review of the comments to date, we are convinced of the simple truth that no one reads this blog! Yes, there is a single digit group… hopefully, maybe they’ll come back….

The most – by far – comments were spam machines that found us & were promoting porn, drugs… that kind of stuff…. Another interesting group came from Russia. Seeing comments in Cyrillig, with their length & obvious preparedness, suggested we collect, group the IP addresses. No doubt most of these were generated by the KGB (or whatever Putin calls his Fucking Sinister Bastards!=)**

But the last group I want to talk about caused me to reflect on a class in my graduate course close to 50 years ago. Info Science (aka computer stuff), Georgia Tech and I’m sitting in a semantic class. If it really was called that, can’t remember, but we talked about various aspects of language, including how to program it. We just want to say that if you construct an AI system to learn like a human, it will make the similar grammatical faux pas  as beginning adult English students.

Maybe scrap all comments & start over….hmmm, yeah. ..

** see “America is at War!”.