Musk Presidency REVISITED

We made the case that Mr. Musk would be more than a valid contender; however, we realize the man has bigger projects in mind – really! And in recognition of the growing power of corporations (corporations that know they need to be international players to be viable), eventually political power will come to him without him having to chase any elected post. This is not to say that Mr. Musk will at some point be forced into a more active political role. The German government must be driving the man mad w/ never ending pettiness from a visionless bureaucracy. In the US, Pres. Biden sets himself up beside the old hallmark GM as the “EV Leader of the World” even as slowly people discover the hidden deal GM made with China. In short, GM completely sold out (probably didn’t have a real choice on their way to bankruptcy), gave away all leading tech they may have had and now a large majority of EVs come from China, then Mexico. A Chinese Cadillac anyone? Pres. Biden has made an absolute fool of himself parading around with the GM CEO  but he can’t help it: he is simply a product of classical American politics going back ages. Which brings us to a crucial question for Democrats: will they save GM again w/vast taxpayer money??? This time it will not work, instead it will absolutely backfire. Should this administration even try to save GM, there would be national coverage of GM’s EVs made in China, made in Mexico, the details of deal made w/China! (We  cover the impending chaos that will bring this question into the public discussion in “2022 or NEVER”)

Soon we will have to more seriously discuss traffic & scrap in space – on an international level. Will Pres. Biden again ignore Mr. Musk completely & maybe just invite Amazon Bozo to stand next to & proclaim as the “world leader” …for whatever??

We leave this topic with Democrats in a precarious position, unable to unite; the Republicans busy experimenting with the Nazi Handbook for National Power ; and the idea an independent faction having possibilities in 2024 – especially with a star-powered, non-political candidate. (see “2022 or NEVER”)