2022 or NEVER !!!

The Importance & Impact of the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.

In more normal times mid-term elections see fewer voters as national elections & often the party in power nationally sees a reverse of fortunes in the Congress. So much for normal times. Let’s get right down to why this is not anything like normal times & will not be for quite some time! We had intended a more normal rah-rah for how important this particular mid-term election will be. But other cataclysms seem to be on the horizon that completely upgrade the urgency.

In no particular order:

  • Climate Change is an established topic can be relegated back to academia & research centers for further study. Back here on earth, the term now becomes weather has changed! It will take monstrous public works projects to mitigate – at best – flood & storm damage occurring w/ much higher frequencies anticipated.

As of this writing, a massive storm has swept over England & northern Europe, causing a lot of storm damage. This is after the US experiencing literally a stream of very similar structured storms, with each wave causing serious infrastructure damage in one area after the other. Who is going to campaign for cutting fire fighters and other state-funded emergency personnel with only bigger & bigger storms more & more certain? Answer: The same minority hoard that never recognized Covid as an emergency! So weather disasters in a political campaign are not going to convert any of the many flavors of querdenkers out there. “Querdenker” is a new German word & means quer => across; denker => thinker. Pretty much someone who stands in the way of things, thinks against prevailing ideas; even lining trucks across the road to block, keep it from being used. In Germany it’s the people who demonstrate against …. (waiting for a noun? No, no noun necessary. These certain groups resemble a little child that simply throws a temper tantrum; says no to everything … on “principle”; and perseveres as far as they can take it. What can happen?!?! It’s a high for them. Of course, being childlike, they are not aware (or worse!=[)  of any possible grave consequences.)  Point is, however, that MONEY will be a campaign issue. Weather Changed = MONEY


WAR! Just listened to Putin & – I swear – he sounded just like Hitler talking about German speakers in neighboring countries in 1938 & his “worry about them.”… exact same verbage. Our personal opinion about the man goes back to these pics of him riding bareback & bare. Could it be that these enhancing weightlifter drugs are causing him to think of himself as resurrected Peter the Great (or maybe more like Ivan the Terrible), bringing Russia to Europe. In his big speech, he listed off the many countries the Soviet Union “lost”. Donald Trump, a simply despicable person in our opinion, his mentor** Putin is now on a MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN! Campaign.

**Yes,yes, he fell in love with Rocket Man & still keeps his letters, but Putin is the one who gave him a football!

  • WAR!!! Xi has China in a nationalistic mood, what will be necessary to take Formosa. In the countless U-tube channels about Chinese economy, has it occurred to anyone that an easy unifying action/distraction is a war? Maybe some old faction in the Chinese commie world thinks it’s time to remind the populace who is in charge? Especially now, because the real estate debacle is making local governments look corrupt, weak, underfinanced… susceptible?! And what would be better than a nationalistic unifying endeavor, a simple non-nuclear clash? Then everything else falls back in importance; Evergreen? Has to wait…poisoned water, air? Later….
  • Inflation! Simple as that! Inflation is kryptonite to this Super-Bubble. What the FED has done now for 4 consecutive chiefs (actually “chefs” of easy money salads, just green everywhere, for years & years, same stupid salad, never changing….  in the end looks almost criminal. Whether corrupt or not arguments will probably arise. The longer inflation runs, the more the damage. But it will recede occasionally as things really slow down. But it will be like a rattler drawing back his head, just building for more forward momentum, probably for the next supply chain surprise.

Inflation in US/EU is there! Exact numbers, ranging though probably 5-10%, are not as important as trend. When will a clear, irrefutable trend be established? Answer: Exactly in the run-up to 2022 mid-term elections! Meantime, the Fed runs this game of MANY rate hikes (sounds just sooo hawkisch), but each is a puny  ¼ of 1% and they are starting …. LOW! More important – to the FED – is that there will be PAUSES (as in MONTHS…. EACH!!! ) between these …..hmmm**… moves that will placate politicians that the markets are served.

**’momentous’ wanted to say in sarcastic way. But if the FED/politicians don’t get this right, manage to steer some kind of way through the brewing The Great Reset ocean storm, then there won’t be any FED anymore to worry about anyway. These actions – as they stand now – will be well remembered as a momentously monumental fiasco!! But the FED people will still get their milli$on $peaking engagements…or will they?

Ok, back to the topic at hand:

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